Vegetarian supplements: for getting sufficient minerals and vitamins

Are you a vegetarian? Then it can be quite a challenge to get sufficient vitamins and minerals through your daily nutrition. Especially iron can be challenging and often vegetarians are taking iron supplements as an additional supplement. Vegetarian supplements are hard to find, especially for vitamin D3. Fortunately, all the supplements of GeoSilica are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. De products are 100% vegan and every product suffices a specific need. GeoSilica's REFOCUS is loved because of the unique mix of silica, iron and vitamin D3. Three minerals which are hard to get sufficiently from a vegetarian diet. 

Natural silica is the main ingredient

In Iceland and Germany silica is the #1 mineral in supplement form which gains more popularity. Silica is very unknown in the rest of Europe even though it is to be found in every body. This body owned mineral can be found in food as well, only in small amounts and - as it has to been proven - also difficult to absorb by the body in this solid form. 

The older you get, the less silica your body produces. It decreases with age. It is recommended to use a daily supplement with silica. GeoSilica’s products all contain 100% natural silica which has been sourced from the geothermal sources in Iceland. Pure natural and collected in Iceland water for the most optimal form of absorption by the human body. Every product of GeoSilica uses silica in combination with a specific mineral for a specific purpose. GeoSilica’s REFOCUS contributes to more energy and focus. 

Vegetarian supplements

All products of GeoSilica are registered at The Vegan Society and are 100% vegan. Nothing will be added to the products and the products and the production process are 100% natural. GeoSilica’s REFOCUS contains silica. iron and vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 is really hard to get in a vegan form. We believe in vegan supplements and that is why we continued our search for a vegan vitamin D. REFOCUS is also ideal for vegans who need to take supplements for their shortage of iron. 

More focus and energy

The main reason for our customers to choose for REFOCUS is the improved focus and the feeling of more energy. The unique mix of silica, iron and vitamin D3 strengthens each other and support the energized feeling and being more focused. That is something we all need right now! 

The effects of the products of GeoSilica are being noticed after one bottle (a month consumption). You can order GeoSilica here.

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