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Do you have painful joints and bones? Most likely you have a shortage of vitamins and minerals. A supplement can help to solve this shortage. It is recommended to look at your daily diet to check if you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. GeoSilica’s REPAIR contains silica: a mineral in your body which - in combination with manganese - is capable of strengthening your bones and joints. 

For strong bones and joints: natural silica 

In Iceland and Germany silica is the #1 mineral in supplement form which gains more popularity. Silica is very unknown in the rest of Europe even though it is to be found in every body. This body owned mineral can be found in food as well, only in small amounts and - as it has to been proven - also difficult to absorb by the body in this solid form. The older you get, the less silica your body produces. It decreases with age. It is recommended to use a daily supplement with silica. GeoSilica’s products all contain 100% natural silica which has been sourced from the geothermal sources in Iceland. Pure natural and collected in Iceland water for the most optimal form of absorption by the human body. Every product of GeoSilica uses silica in combination with a specific mineral for a specific purpose. For GeoSilica’s REPAIR it is the combination of silica and manganese which strengthens the bones and joints. 

For painful joints and brittle bones

In GeoSilica’s REPAIR the mineral silica combined with manganese. Manganese helps with strengthening the bones and joints. It also contributes to a normal function of the connective tissue. You can find manganese in nuts, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and legumes. It is so that 10% of the manganese from food can be absorbed by the body. With the liquid form of GeoSilica’s REPAIR the body can absorb the minerals in a better way. Manganese combined with silica ensures a strong mix which benefits the bones and joints in order to move freely!

The effects of REPAIR can be noticed within one bottle (month of consumption). You can order GeoSilica’s REPAIR here. 

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