We bring value to consumers’ daily life with our natural and geothermally sourced supplements from Iceland.

We have a long list of supporting evidence to back up our claims that includes improved overall health. With GeoStep®, our innovative and sustainable production process, an all-natural product and our Icelandic heritage e continue to produce products that meet the requirements for high-quality supplements with care for the planet.

Renewal is the benchmark for all GeoSilica products - whether restoring what has been damaged or broken, or bringing out raw beauty by treating our bodies from within. We invigorate you physically, calming you mentally in the process, for holistic renewal of body and mind.



  • Increase elasticity of the skin 
  • Strengthens bone tissue
  • Prevents brittle nails
  • Strengthens veins and arteries
  • Strengthens ligaments
  • Increase mineral bone density
  • Enhances healthy hair growth
  • Strengthens cartilage


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