Hair supplement: the secret for strong and healthy hair

Hair supplement: the secret for strong and healthy hair

The secret for beautiful shiny hair is to have strong and healthy hair. But how do you get your hair to be strong and healthy? A hair supplement can support you. GeoSilica’s RENEW contains silica; a body owned mineral. When combined with zinc and copper it also stimulates your hair growth. 

Natural silica mineral for hair

The relatively unknown mineral silica is a body owned mineral which you can also find in other foods. However, it can only be found in small amounts and is relatively hard to take in for the body. The amount of silica in your body declines when you get older, so an addition of the silica supplement to your diet is very advisable. GeoSilica’s products contain all 100% natural silica which can be sourced from the geothermal earth in Iceland. Purely natural and extracted in Icelandic water to absorb the mineral to the maximum. Each product of GeoSilica has been combined with powerful minerals for a specific target. GeoSilica’s RENEW is a supplement that supports healthy and strong hair.  

Strengthens the hair and stimulates hair growth

The mineral silica is being combined with zinc and copper in GeoSilica’s RENEW. Zinc is a known trace element which is necessary for the process in your body to building proteins, the growth of tissue and your immune system. Zinc can be found (in small amounts) in for example cheese, cereal products, meat, nuts and shellfish. Next to that, copper can not be missed in a hair supplement as this trace element is beneficial for the formation of bones and tissue. It also takes care of the formation of the pigment in your hair. This combination of these trace elements and the mineral silica ensures a powerful mix for the strengthening of the hair. Next to that it stimulates the hair growth for beautiful, long and strong hair. What else do you want?

Support healthy hair, skin and nails

The combination of silica, zinc and copper is not only beneficial for your hair, but also for your skin and nails. This unique mix takes care of a healthy facial glow and for a great metabolism. The nails will get stronger and it is perfect for people with brittle or fragile nails. GeoSilica’s RENEW is there for everyone who wants to feel prettier and healthier in a natural way!

The effects of RENEW are being noticed after one bottle (a month consumption). You can order GeoSilica here.

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