Concentration supplement: improve your focus

In this century we have to deal with a lot of external incentives: from your phone, through screens, outside on the street, during traveling by public transportation - it is hard to focus on what you are doing at that specific moment with this noise. A natural supplement can help to improve your focus. GeoSilica’s REFOCUS contains silica; a body owned mineral which in combination with iron and vitamin D3 improves your energy and your focus. 

For more focus: natural silica 

In Iceland and Germany silica is the #1 mineral in supplement form which gains more popularity. Silica is very unknown in the rest of Europe even though it is to be found in every body. This body owned mineral can be found in food as well, only in small amounts and - as it has to been proven - also difficult to absorb by the body in this solid form. The older you get, the less silica your body produces. It decreases with age. It is recommended to use a daily supplement with silica. GeoSilica’s products all contain 100% natural silica which has been sourced from the geothermal sources in Iceland. Pure natural and collected in Iceland water for the most optimal form of absorption by the human body. Every product of GeoSilica uses silica in combination with a specific mineral for a specific purpose. For GeoSilica’s REFOCUS it is a strong combination that ensures more energy and focus. 

Improves your concentration and ensures more energy

In GeoSilica’s REFOCUS the mineral silica is being combined with iron and vitamin D3. We all know the importance of iron for a fit and energetic body. Iron is important for the formation of hemoglobin, a part of the red blood cells. Red blood cells transports oxygen throughout the body. That is why it is often an iron deficiency that has anemia as a result. Vitamin D3 takes care of the absorption of calcium (chalk) and phosphate from our foods. Both are necessary for strong bones and healthy teeth. These minerals combined with silica ensures a strong mix which keeps you energized and concentrated. To keep your focus and ensures productivity! 

The effects of REFOCUS are noticeable after one bottle (a month consumption). You can order GeoSilica’s REFOCUS here. 

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