Uses PURE for her 10 year old son's eczema

Uses PURE for her 10 year old son's eczema


Kolbrún Freyja is a mother of a 10 year old boy who has suffered from eczema for a long time. She says that they have tried all the creams that were available for the boy, as well as undergoing heat chamber treatment like for people with psoriasis. Nothing was working for him.



"We had tried all the creams out there, went to hot chamber treatment and nothing worked for him. I then heard about your products, got in touch and was advised to buy PURE. We bought a bottle ..and then another and another and what a difference in the boy. There was a time when he didn't take it and he got worse again. Once he started using PURE again, he got better right away. It's amazing how much this has helped him. Therefore, there was no other choice but to subscribe to the product. Us parents and our son are incredibly grateful for PURE"


Kolbrún is very happy with the product for her son, but says she also wants to try the silica for herself, as she has read many stories from people with inflammatory diseases and fibromyalgia who have had great success with it. 


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