The hair growth took off with RENEW!

The hair growth took off with RENEW!

Birna Dís Ólafsdóttir is a pregnancy and postnatal personal
trainer and has had two pregnancies. She struggled with severe
hair loss after both pregnancies. After her second pregnancy,
she decided to try RENEW for hair, skin and nails after
hearing about the product on social media and seeing amazing
results from other women using the product.

"I started taking RENEW from GeoSilica when I had a lot of 
hair loss after pregnancy and I noticed in the first month
that the little "baby hairs" as they are often called grew
quickly! I don't want to say that the product prevented hair
loss as it's just hormones that control it but what I wanted
to get out of using the product was to get my hair back to a
normal state as soon as possible. I also took part in a study
at the request of my midwife during my pregnancy where I had
to cut two locks from my hair and after I started taking
RENEW they took off with the baby hairs!".

Birna says that she is a picky eater and sensitive to all 
kinds of food and liquids, so she was a little afraid how
she would handle food supplements in liquid form. Luckily Birna
says she can't even taste the product and the texture doesn't
bother her either.

"I always just take a sip of water after, it's fine!
I have heard that some people think the texture is strange,
but then I just point out that the product can be mixed with
water, juice or in their smoothie. I don't hesitate
recommending RENEW to all my friends and the new mothers who
come to me for training".

You can shop RENEW for hair, skin and nails HERE

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