A personal trainer's experience with GeoSilica Mineral Supplements

A personal trainer's experience with GeoSilica Mineral Supplements

Jasmín Guðrún Hafþórsdóttir is an NPTC personal trainer. She eagerly shares her experiences with GeoSilica supplements.

In the last couple of years, health awareness has been increasing. Many people are becoming much more aware of health-related issues. I have noticed that when I start my mornings correctly, I feel more ready to face all the challenges along my way. So, I have a large glass of water, fish oil, vitamin D, and silica at my nightstand. 

I've been taking fish oil and vitamin D for years, but I added silica to my routine just over two years ago. There has been no turning back ever since. It was such a huge difference. Studies on silica strongly suggest that silica can help the body process the minerals and vitamins it receives. The studies also strongly suggest that silica can strengthen both joints and cartilage. I took PURE, the original product, and experienced a massive difference in my hair, skin, and nails. Overall, I feel much better both mentally and physically.

REPAIR is my favorite GeoSilica product. I have a perfect experience with it. It contains 100% silicon and manganese. Manganese is an essential mineral for maintaining normal bone formation, strengthening cartilage, and increasing the synovial fluid. Because I train a lot and once tore my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament, one of a pair of cruciate ligaments in the human knee), it is very important to strengthen myself and achieve a good balance. After I started taking REPAIR, I noticed a relief of my knee pain, and my safety of movement increased significantly.

RECOVER is another amazing product. This product contains 100% silica and magnesium. Magnesium is a critical mineral for nerve and muscle relaxation, and therefore, RECOVER is very suitable for anyone under long-term hardcore training.

PURE, REPAIR, and RECOVER are the GeoSilica products I fully recommend. These products have helped me achieve my health goals and have given me more balance. I advise anyone seeking better health and hoping for a long and healthy life to consider these products.

Jasmín Guðrún Hafþórsdóttir

NPTC personal trainer

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